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  • AT60982

    The Advantages :


    1. The one-way bearing line pressure angle is between 7 and 8 degrees.

    2. The raw material of the spring piece is imported from Germany, which is consistent with the spring piece material of INA OAP.

    3. The inner and outer rings of the one-way device are made of alloy steel, which has good compression resistance.

    4. Automated assembly, stable quality

    5. Routine testing before mass production to avoid any production quality problems

    6. Each batch of products will have performance testing

    Validated using OEM test specifications

    •Durability test at high temperature & high speed (1000 Hours)

    •Endurance reliability test (160,000 cycles)

    •Durability test at variable speed and variable frequency

    7.Zinc-Nickel plated for superior corrosion resistance


    2 Year Warranty or 2 years (whichever comes first).

    Robust patented design

    Meet/exceeds O.E.M specifications


    Product Line Coverage:  500+ part numbers



      OAP/OAD INA F-570114
      OAP/OAD LUK 535028310
      OAP/OAD ZNP 28878
      OAP/OAD JIASUN 21593
      OAP/OAD NF 80582
      Alternator  FORD CT4T10300AB CT4Z10346A GL8653
      Alternator  MITSUBISHI A002TX2081
      Alternator  LESTER 11550

      Product warranty period is 100000 km or 2 years (whichever comes first).

      And  the failure of LUKIN OAP rate under 3‰  .

      If there are unqualified products, triple compensation(product or money)


      Delivery date : 20-30days after order .

      Payment : 30% deposit by Bank Transfer,  balance paid against shippment .


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